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Car and Van rental in Calvi

Corsica's unique blend of culture, cuisine, and coastlines gives seaside holidays an entirely new ambience. If resort towns make your teeth itch, this region will change your view of them utterly. Where else but in Calvi can you find French architecture, ivory coasts, and Italian sunshine? To add to its characteristically grand reputation, Calvi has a strong jazz following that's best experienced at its June festival. The town has a powerful Corsican culture, so your trip will have an anthropological element that comes with more than a few smiles. The massive Citadel lords over the marina, giving pleasure cruises a slightly surreal edge. Whether you prefer your water sports to come in the form of luxury boat tours or tiny fishing boats, Calvi will keep you happy. You'll be able to rent a vehicle at Enterprise Rent-a-Car at Calvi Airport.

Our Vehicles for Hire in Calvi

Enterprise caters for every niche in the market, so you'll be spoiled for choice. Enterprise has an extensive fleet ofvehicles. A compact economy car that's light on fuel will serve smaller families, and if you prefer having room to spare for toys and kiddies' arguments, a people carrier or an SUVwill do the trick.

Cheap Car and Van Hire in Calvi

Why limit your trip to public transit destinations when you can do it equally cheaply with car rental? Enterprise keeps its prices attractive by offering a constant stream of special offers and discounts. The best deals can be secured through prepaid booking, and this way, you won't have to bother with credit cards and paperwork when you've just arrived in the country. Online bookings come with a collection of discounts, so why not make your arrangement from the comfort of your living room?

Airport Car Hire

You can arrange your Calvi car hire at Calvi Airport, which acts as a hub for the public transport network. The building is six miles east of Calvi, so you won't travel long before you can recover from your flight. A tobacconist and small café will take care of any cravings, but you'll have to save your duty-free shopping for another time. There's a tourist information desk and newsstand, too.

Attractions in Calvi

Calvi's summer sees the seaside taken over by DJs for a dance and music festival, but not all of its destinations are quite so whimsical. Calvi is, after all, Columbus' birthplace, so it dishes up a fair amount of history. The Citadel is the most overt structure in the landscape. It was used as a fortress and military outpost in the 15th century, and it has stunning vistas to boot. Rue de Fil will take you to Columbus' birthplace and home, which has a statue to celebrate his achievements. Calvi is, nonetheless, a beach town, so most of its assets are linked to the ocean. The marina has restaurants, bars, and hotels, and the main beach has picnic areas and water sports.

Places to Visit Outside Calvi

Corsica's ecosystems range from dense forests to rocky peaks. Monte Cinto is its most challenging climb, and it's sandwiched between two valleys. Beginners will find the hike to the top relatively easy, although winter climbs may be too chilly. Car rental in Calvi will allow you to tour at your own pace at a budget-friendly price. Since much of the area's beauty comes in the form of natural landscapes, you'll want to immerse yourself at a leisurely pace.

Parking and Traffic Information in Calvi

Corsica's parking is generally cheaper than that in other European countries, but it's often restricted on particular days. On-street parking is barred in red zones, while blue zones let you park for as many hours as you require, usually without cost. This region is generous to disabled drivers, providing free parking if you have a disabled badge. The roads are often winding, which can make passing difficult. For that reason, locals aren't fond of travellers who drive below the speed limit. Some motorways are operated by private companies and tolls can be paid with Mastercard or Visa.