Enterprise CarShare

Reserve. Unlock. Go.

Enterprise Car Share provides flexible vehicle management for businesses throughout France. Install a dedicated fleet at your work premises, maintained and managed by Enterprise, that can help your business save on upfront costs, maintenance costs, and time and resource.

Enterprise Car Share can save businesses time and money by replacing expensive company cars and taxis as well as time-consuming mileage reimbursement (grey fleet) by providing access to self-service vehicles.

Exclusive Benefits for Your Business

Support with travel cost reduction including mileage reimbursement

Contribute to business carbon footprint reduction and sustainability practices

Measure and analyse vehicle utilization and resource management

Simplify booking, billing, expensing and reporting

Access to travel management tools

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Dedicated Use – Exclusive for Business

Our exclusive, on-site car sharing service supports businesses looking to enhance their pool car provision, reduce risk exposure and costs related to grey fleet, and to support the transition to cleaner and more sustainable employee travel.

The dedicated fleet is conveniently situated within a staff car park or nearby facility, allowing your business easy access to an exclusive number of vehicles or a vehicle fleet at any time, day or night, 7-days a week.

The vehicles are available to book via the Enterprise Car Share app, or through Enterprise Travel Direct, giving travel and fleet managers full visibility of where the vehicles are, and who is driving them. Additionally, with the Enterprise Car Share app, vehicles can be unlocked by approved employee’s mobile phone, rather than a set of keys, to help ensure that security is not compromised.

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Enterprise Travel Direct

Employee mobility can be complex, Enterprise Travel Direct (ETD) helps make-s- it simple by providing an intelligent decision tool, linked to an employer’s travel policy, that helps drivers select the right transport for their journey.

Case Studies

Find out how businesses across EU have been using Car Sharing. Help your team make the right decision, moving to a more sustainable future.