One-Way Van Hire

One-way hire is when you pick up your van at one Enterprise branch and you drop it back at a different branch.

To do this, tick the 'Return to a different location' box below the pick-up location in our booking widget and you'll be able to choose the nearest branch to your destination as your return location.

There is an additional fee for this, but compared to driving the van back to the pick-up branch and then having to make your way back to your final destination, it might be worth considering.

When is One-way Van Hire Really Worth It?

There is a fee for dropping your van back to a different branch, but when can it actually save you money as well as time?

Long-distance move

When you are planning to move quite far away, to another part of the country or maybe to another country in Europe. One-way van hire avoids an expensive and lengthy return trip as fuel and motorway fees can add a lot to your travel expenses.

Getting Back Home

If you don't have a car yourself, you will need to arrange transport home from the pick-up branch after dropping the van back. If you live locally this isn't a problem but, if you have moved, being able to drop the van to your new local branch may be more convenient and could save you both time and money.

All-Day Moves

If your move is likely to take all day and the pick-up branch will be closed before you can drop the van back. Bringing it back the next day could end up costing you double if your rental period exceeds 24h and rolls into a second rental day.

Choosing the Right Van for Your House Move

You don't need any special licence to drive a van but you must be 25+.


Total seats: 2
Will fit a washing machine or dishwasher, armchair or up to 13 medium boxes.


Total seats: 3
Move a small room or up to 26 boxes. Perfect for moving a student to/from Uni.


Total seats: 3
up to 11.3m3
A good choice for moving a 1-bed flat or bedsit, or up to 45 medium boxes.

Luton Lift

Total seats: 3
up to 17.3m3
The tail-lift makes this van perfect for moving heavy items of furniture.