Car and Van Hire in Le Havre

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Car and Van rental in Le Havre

Le Havre is one of the most important port cities in France, located on the northern coast of the country where the Seine meets the sea in Normandy. It is the largest container shipping port in France, handling much of the overseas cargo that arrives from abroad. The town is also an important passenger and car ferry link to England. Le Havre also contains historical sites, parks and a large shopping mall on the outskirts of the city. Whether you're arriving by boat, plane or train, Enterprise-Rent-A-Car will be ready and waiting to provide car hire in Le Havre. You can find us close to the port wall on the Quai de Southampton, close to Le Havre Notre-Dame Cathedral, heading eastbound from the Haropa Place port authority building. See our map of the area for more information on where to find great car and vehicle hire from Enterprise in Le Havre.

Our Vehicles for Hire in Le Havre

If you're looking for small cargo transport in Le Havre or need a rental car to make the best of your holiday in Normandy, Enterprise will have what you'll need. We specialise in providing vehicles with the seating and luggage capacity that you request. Our SUVs and people carriers can also cater to larger groups, while our vans have all the space you'll need for transporting stock or equipment. If you want to find out more about the vehicles we can offer for hire in France, you can browse through our fleet on our website.

Cheap Car and Van Hire in Le Havre

If you're looking for the best hire quotes in the north of France and beyond, Enterprise can give you some great rates for all of our vehicles. Our vehicles are all modern, clean, easy to drive models that get great mileage from superior fuel efficiency. Our advanced, online booking platform also gives you access to some of the best deals around. If you plan ahead, you may save substantial amounts of money through hiring your vehicles with Enterprise.

Airport Car Hire

Le Havre's main airport is located north of the city, off the D940 road. Le Havre-Octeville Airport is relatively quiet, mostly serving a number of domestic flight destinations within France, with almost no international flights other than chartered excursions. A small flight school is also present at the main terminal. Enterprise does not operate a branch outlet at the main building. To find us after arriving by plane, head south on the D940 and D232 until you reach the southernmost road next to the harbour. Please see our map of the area for more information.

Attractions in Le Havre

Le Havre is an ancient port city that contains a great many monuments and museums to honour its long history. The two most notable are the Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Natural History, located to the south of the town. Both contain vast collections. Le Havre also has a rich religious history, which you can see at the city cathedral and St. Joseph's church. If you're looking for a more contemporary day out, the city also contains an ice-skating rink and a large mall to the west, as well as many other retail outlets.

Places to Visit Outside of Le Havre

Le Havre is located on the Normandy coastline, known for great drives, natural wonders and walks. The Etretat Plage and Falaises beaches to the north of Le Havre are well regarded, containing spectacular white cliffs and sweeping seafronts. Their enormous stone arches are a must-see. The Boucles de la Seine Normande Natural Regional Park is also located nearby to the city, providing an outdoor space for pleasant walks, camping and outdoor sports.

Parking and Traffic Information in Le Havre

As it is a harbour seafront and a major shipping destination, there is a vast amount of parking available to drivers in Le Havre. The city itself operates two separate open-air parking zones (orange and green), priced at different premium rates. Alongside this, there are also a large number of dedicated car parks near to Le Havre's train station and port authority building. As it sees a lot of incoming traffic, Le Havre's main roads are usually moderate to busy at peak times. Plan around the traffic accordingly and you should have a great experience when driving in Le Havre with an Enterprise rental.