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Car and Van Hire in Revigny-sur-Ornain

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Car and Van rental in Revigny-sur-Ornain

Lovely Revigny-sur-Ornain in southwest Meuse, Lorraine, is mere miles away from Bar-le-Duc, and a leisurely drive from Nancy. Some 120 miles from Revigny-Sur-Ornain via the N4 or A4, the Charles de Gaulle Airport and Lognes Aerodrome Enterprise Rent-A-Car branches operate at hours that are convenient to most globetrotters. The Enterprise branch in Reims, some 60 miles northwest on the A4, and the one in Nancy, roughly the same distance in the opposite direction via the N4, are your go-to branches for countryside getaways in Revigny-sur-Ornain. Mere miles away from Verdun in the northeast lies Metz, and our Metz Airport branch is only 60 miles by car, via the A4 and D958. Those travelling by train will be pleased to find our Metz Train Station branch nearby.

Our Vehicles for Hire in Revigny-sur-Ornain

With Enterprise branches within commuting distance from town, your car rental in Revigny-sur-Ornain will be fast and easy. Our fleet of premium vehicles is ready for your journey, whatever your budget, load or seating requirements. Enterprise is here to offer you and your party the best vehicles for your travel arrangements. Whether it's people carriers or SUVs, our vehicles will make travelling together comfortable and enjoyable for all. Explore Lorraine and the whole of France with our fuel-efficient cars, or make memories worth bragging about as you travel to Paris, Nancy and the best-loved French cities in our spacious and comfortable vehicles.

Cheap Car and Van Hire in Revigny-sur-Ornain

Enjoy the best of what Revigny-Sur-Ornain can offer with an affordable and reliable car hire from Enterprise. Travel across Lorraine, taking in the beauty of this unspoilt land, or spend your precious few days of exploration in this nook of tranquillity that is Revigny-Sur-Ornain. Whether it's a mini, a van, an economy car or a luxury roadster, Revigny-Sur-Ornain car hire is a seamless experience, thanks to many Enterprise branches located across the countryside and always at your service. Compact cars, spacious estate cars, hatchbacks, sports cars and coupes, and even fuel-efficient vans are available for hire locally. Book online and enjoy the latest promotions, special offers and the lowest prices on prepaid rentals from Revigny-Sur-Ornain car hire from Enterprise.

Airport Car Hire

Revigny-sur-Ornain car hire comes easy with Enterprise. Alight from your airplane and drive away within minutes in an Enterprise car, when you book from our Charles de Gaulle Airport branch, open 18 hours a day. Should you be on a private flight to France, you'll find our Lognes Aerodrome branch ready to serve you, some 120 miles from Revigny-Sur-Ornain via the N4 or A4. The Metz Airport branch is only 70 miles away via the D958 and A4. Alternatively, simply browse our list of Enterprise Rent-A-Car locations near Revigny-sur-Ornain, and enjoy fabulous rustic accommodation and dining in this lovely floral village after a leisurely drive in a fuel-efficient Enterprise car.

Attractions in Revigny-sur-Ornain

The small community of Revigny-sur-Ornain will welcome you with open arms. An award-winning floral town known for its landscape, floral displays and love of nature, Revigny-sur-Ornain is in dazzling bloom for the better part of the year. Visit the local market, with its delightful displays of sparkling sweet strawberries produced locally, or have a look at the statue of André Maginot, commemorating the former Minister of War, whose home was destroyed in WWI. Then take your Revigny-Sur-Ornain hire car to the local church, with its Gothic gargoyles towering above the stunted village skyline. A place that values the legendary, Revigny-sur-Ornain has a few, very expressive monuments, including the statue of Mercury and the War Memorial.

Places to Visit Outside Revigny-sur-Ornain

There's something for everyone to see and love around Revigny-sur-Ornain. The Basilique Notre-Dame de L'Épine is one of the many splendid monuments on the French pilgrim route. Enjoy a stroll through Les Jardins de Mon Moulin (My windmill's gardens) at dusk, or a delightful candle-lit dinner at the 17th century Château du Grand Jardin. All three of these attractions, some 25 miles away, are easily accessible with a Revigny-Sur-Ornain hire car. Western Europe's largest artificial lake, Lake Der-Chantecoq, is also a short drive away with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. The small village of Verdun, with its Citadelle fort dating back from Henry IV and turned WWI barracks, its Gothic cathedral and its surrounding battlefields, is another must-see historical landmark, mere minutes away with a car rental in Revigny-Sur-Ornain.

Parking and Traffic Information in Revigny-sur-Ornain

Car rental in Revigny-sur-Ornain is all the more enjoyable when you know the local traffic rules. Flashing headlights mean a driver is indicating that you should give way because they have priority, not the other way around. When clocks are on winter time, motorists must use low beam headlights when they're not in built-up areas, but never drive with parking lights on or use full beam when other cars are near. Traffic on a major road, traffic coming from the right in junctions marked with a red-bordered triangular sign, in car parks and wherever there's a sign telling you to give way, have priority. At roundabouts, where the traffic is counter-clockwise, approach with caution, because in some areas drivers apply an old rule that gives priority to traffic entering the roundabout. You're not allowed to overtake a stationary tram as the passengers are alighting, or drive on the tram lines. When it comes to traffic lights, you'll never see red and amber flash together, as they do in the UK. Only proceed when you see green, or if amber comes up just as you are crossing the stop line.